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What is probably true for all of us is that we want more prosperity in our lives, and we want it now. Some want it handed to them (what kind of prosperity is that, right), others wanted the immense possibilities and opportunity of a thriving economy. What I have learned in 30 years of being self employed is that our economy is what WE make of it. Many people prospered over the last  four years in spite of an unfavorable business climate. And they prospered with New Business Models like our own.

For all of us at the JMA, the last four years were a about research and development. They were about creating the Ultimate Opportunity for prosperity seekers. Our main objective was to launch a product and opportunity unlike anything ever seen. Factor 7 already has created prosperity for many, and now it will be the vehicle that many use to create new found prosperity with a fresh, New Millennium business model that has been proven to work. Yet now finally, you don’t have to be ashamed of what you are selling, or try to pull a hustle saying your opportunity is ONLY about the income potential. With Factor 7, the JMA, and JMAP, you now have unlimited ways you can prosper; all in one place, and that’s something completely new.

Now here is some good news …

The home business/free enterprise marketplace has been on the rebound over these last few months as people realize that Independent Free Enterprise is a viable alternative to owning a small business. No employees, no Red Tape, little if any regulation, and few boundaries … you can take these businesses with you wherever you go.

After a 20 year career as a small to medium size “brick and mortar”/traditional business owner; and one who in late 2004 discovered home based free enterprise and the thrill of upper level 6 and even 7 figure per year income is like; I can say I would NEVER go back to an office with employees, regulations, and hassles. Never!  If you have a small business you are tired of and now plan on closing, lost a small business in the last four years, or are part of the “invisible” under-employed population, now is a great time to seize the moment as millions of people will be looking to do the same thing. And that spells Opportunity, big Opportunity.

Further, when we created Factor 7 and the Joint Marketing Alliance, we certainly were not thinking it could only thrive under certain political conditions. When you have something valuable to people, like you and like me, indispensable for businesses, and a revolutionary new communication and Internet dialog platform, you have something that businesses need more now than ever. Competition for customers will continue to tighten; and the number of ways to find new customers gets smaller and smaller.

If you have any doubts, understand this. Business owners by and large want to keep their businesses because it is how they make their own livings. For those who don’t, we have a new alternative, the first high profit point opportunity sporting commercially  LEGITIMATE products that are not education products; and we have a highly lucrative and fair compensation / marketing profit plan.

It’s time to get busy … get more customers … and prosper frequently like never before!

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  • I really appreciate the efforts that you’ve placed in writing this site on Factor 7 Alliance: Factor 7 Alliance … Your New Millennium Prosperity Solution. I’m hoping to learn and potentially create the same high quality blog post in the future. As of right now, my current site blogs about free car history. Do you have time to check it out and letting me know your thoughts on that?

  • I couldn’t agree more that Factor 7, the Joint Marketing Alliance and the JMAP family of products present businesses, opportunity seekers and any combination thereof unlimited potential in growing and prospering any business idea.

    After having some amazing results in getting to and maintaining a Page ONE, Position ONE – i.e. a #1 rank on Google that happened in 6 days utilizing JMAP as a web publishing and marketing platform with in a competitive market space I turned the expertise gained during the research and development phase toward helping other businesses…after all as Zig Ziglar often said – “To get what you want you have to help others get what they want.”

    One such business was with Steve Harris of Steve Harris Media. Steve was in the process of developing an online video marketing and video coaching business in the U.K. He like me saw the power the internet has in attracting, converting and keeping more clients and customers even for ordinary brick and motar businesses.

    In collaboration with Steve’s already effective YouTube Channel and offline/online local Social Media and Video Marketing business, we developed a web presence on his own domain utilizing just the first line JMA product, JMAP Lite.

    We have been able to time and again get his message out onto page one of Google results that have increased his bottom line from a meager monthly income to one that is generating revenues he has never seen – even when he was running a thriving combination advertising, marketing and printing business!

    Just recently, we had started a new page to his site that within 20 hours of publishing not only reached the #1 rank on Google in his targeted keyword space but was able to also be on page one of Google in other associated keyword spaces. In Steve’s words JMAP Rocks!

    I can say it rocks consistently – which in the larger picture means any business can finally dominate their market space online without the expense of high dollar SEO consultants nor the headache of learning another short term dead end technique.

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